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July 31, 2021
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Communication is Key

It has come to our attention that a large number of emails are being returned, inhibiting our ability to communicate with you, the members.  If you have not received an email message in the past two weeks, please do the following:

If you have used your USPS email, the system will reject the Union's email. Please use your private email. Rest assured we do not share your email with anyone, especially marketers.

If you have used a private email, make sure that our emails are not being placed in your spam folder. Mark the emails as not spam, or place in the white list.

Check the email in your profile, and make sure it is entered correctly.

Timely communication is integral to our mission, to keep you, the member informed. Please help us help you.

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Action Center
Boycott Staples
Let Staples know we will not sit by while they take our jobs!! Click on the link to get a downloadable flyer!
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The Postal Service is again urging workers to take a survey, called PULSE. Just like the VOE, the Union urges members to boycott this survey.
Contract Actions
Wear your Sticker Thursdays
Welcome 2020!!!
Updated On: Feb 13, 2020

Happy New Year!!! Here's to hoping that everyone had a fantastic, fun filled, and safe holiday season. All of our members toiled hard during this holiday season, working long hours, often starting at midnight to accept Amazon drops. You all deserve a round of applause.

2019 was a challenging year, and 2020 will be no less challenging. Attacks on our jobs continue, coming from many directions. Outside the Postal Service, attacks from the right wing privatizers continue, emboldened by an administration that is set on selling off profitable parts of the Postal Service, enacting rules and regulations harmful to workers, and stacking a National Labor Relations Board as anti-union as any I have seen in 39 years.  Internally, we have managers from Washington DC down to the Areas, to the Districts, and into the offices, set on harming our jobs, taking away duty assignments, and preventing conversions to full time and conversions to career.  In 2020, it is imperative that we all work together to stem the bleeding.

Locally, your Local officers have worked tirelessly and effectively to protect jobs and continue conversions. The Local has stopped numerous reversions with diligent work and an excellent National Business Agent. We must continue these efforts and combine those efforts with the assistance of the membership.  All of our members must chip in and help the Local officers protect jobs. This can be done as simply as doing your job correctly, whether it is on the window or the workroom floor.  On the window, process transactions properly, carefully, making sure that when you assist a customer, it is properly documented. A sale is documented by the transaction itself, but answering questions, getting hold mail, certified pick ups, etc must be documented. Use the buttons on your computer and show that you are working. 

On the workfloor, perform the proper scans, make sure that you sort correctly, and most importantly, do not allow management to perform your work. In level 18 offices, document when your postmaster performs clerk work- sorting mail, accepting mail, performing certain functions on the computer, working the window. Work with your Area Representatives in understanding how and what to document. We have found numerous times that managers are not correctly reporting the hours they actually work, and this hurts all of us, PTFs and FTRs.  We have had numerous clerks get paid for managers exceeding their allowed hours. You are the eyes and ears for these violations.

Incorrectly issued discipline continues to be an issue, with management using certain metrics not allowed under the contract. If you are disciplined, make sure you speak with a Union official as soon as possible. Not doing so can result in discipline remaining on your record for two years, and can be relied upon for additional discipline. Most of the time, management does things incorrectly, and discipline can be overturned when it is timely grieved. 

We should be getting the arbitrators decision on a Contract soon. We will then know what we will be working under for the next couple of years. We have to accept the terms and conditions of the arbitrators decision, whether we like them or not. What ever results from the decision, let's make sure that we maintain our focus in protecting our jobs.

Make a resolution for 2020. Attend Union meetings, even if it is one a year. The members are the controlling group of the Union, and your voice should be heard. The Union meeting is the place to have it heard. Make 2020 the best year of meeting attendance ever.

Have a great new year!!!!

Long Island NY Area Local
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