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February 27, 2015
Clerk Division, Linyal

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It is not just STAPLES
Good Evening All:
I’m sure most of you would recall our exchanges in early October relative to Walmart and Goin’ Postal, as reflected in the email thread below.
With the revelation that the Postal Service has amped up its efforts to steer business away from USPS locations and towards Staples by offering 20% discounts, we now more than ever need to keep our eyes on a potentially much bigger threat looming. That being anti-union Walmart. Walmart is certainly more powerful than Staples, listed by Forbes Global 500 as being the “worlds’ largest company by revenue”.  Walmart has nearly 5000 locations in the United States (Walmart Discount Stores; Walmart Super Centers; Walmart Neighborhood Markets; Walmart Express, and Sam’s Club).
In addition to a wealth of information being readily accessible regarding “Goin’ Postal” efforts as indicated in the thread below, Walmart’s website reveals information regarding a wide array of US postage that may be purchased. The Sam’s Club website reveals even more. Many people I converse with didn’t realize that Sam’s Club is a division of Walmart. It was not all that long ago, that I, myself became aware. There are 630 Sam’s Club locations nationwide.
Viewing Sam’s Club website you will discover they also offer a wide array of postage for purchase. But there’s more…They also sell DYMO Postage Printers. Sam’s Club website indicates, “DYMO Stamps is serviced by Endicia, a licensed United States Postal Service PC postage provider”.  
Connecting the dots further, Endicia’s website is even more revealing. Endicia calls itself, a “proud partner of the United States Postal Service”. And yup, you know what’s coming…, Endicia’s website offers its customers first-class postage discounts! There is a section on FAQs regarding postage discounts.
Please scroll down the email thread below to the message from the CEO of Goin’ Postal. In referring to the partnership of GP Postal Stores into Walmart locations the CEO makes the goal clear, “enable us to become the largest shipping company in the country within the next two years”.
So despite claims from postal management there is no connection to Goin’ Postal, let’s connect the dots Sisters and Brothers, Goin’ Postal..Walmart…Sam’s Club…Endicia…USPS!
In solidarity,
Subject: Walmart GP Postal Kiosks
We are pleased to announce that we have been approved to put small footprint GP Postal stores into Walmart locations.  This is a fantastic advancement for Goin’ Postal and will enable us to become the largest retail shipping company in the country within the next two years.  We have been keeping this opportunity quiet up to this point but having signed the deal today, we can now start offering these franchises to new owners outside of the chain.
These trimmed down GP Postal locations will be between 350 – 400 sq. ft., fully furnished with fixtures, equipment, and technology, and will be available for an Initial Franchise Fee of $9,950.  On top of the initial Franchise Fee you will be required to pay the initial rent for the location and for a small package of startup inventory, such as cardboard boxes, packing peanuts, stamps, and shipping forms, making your total investment for this opportunity around $13,000 all in.
As the franchisor, we have signed a Master Lease agreement and we will pay the rent, electric, internet, and insurance directly.  You will then pay Goin’ Postal Franchise Corporation a fixed monthly fee which will include all of those expenses plus support costs.  Most locations will be between $1,600 and $2,200 per month depending on the market.  The rent, including all expenses, is less than just rent for a standalone store in the same market.  All you will need to pay outside of the location fee is for your staff, uniforms, and cost of goods (the cost to replace anything that your sell).
We are currently signing leases on the initial ten stores and are lining up franchisees for the rest of the 2,000 available Walmart locations in the country.  If you would like to be one of these franchisees, we are selling options on these territories for $9,950 which will be applied to the $9,950 Initial Franchise Fee as soon as your location is available.  You will be provided with a standard Goin’ Postal Franchise Disclosure Document, plus the appropriate Addendums for the Walmart location prior to committing to the location.  If we are unable to provide you with your desired location your Option Fee will be refunded.  If we provide you with a local Walmart location but you choose not to exercise your option you will receive a 90% refund. 
As the 2,000 currently available locations will sell out quickly, we will be selling a primary option, and a secondary option on each space.  If the primary option holder exercises their option the secondary option holder will be awarded the location.  Our current Goin’ Postal franchisees have already committed to 500 of the 2,000 locations so there are approximately 1,500 primary options left.
The only restriction on how many options you can purchase and locations you can ultimately own is limited by our current franchisee territories as only a franchisee that currently owns a territory can purchase a Walmart location within their territory.
If you are interested in having your own Goin’ postal inside a Walmart near you, please contact me and I will send you an option agreement and then we will send you the Franchise Disclosure Document as soon as we sign the leases on the locations in your area.
If you have any questions about this opportunity please feel free to call me toll free in the office at 800-504-6040, or on my call in the evening or over the weekends at 813-486-3160.
Thank you
Marcus Price
CEO.  Goin' Postal Franchise Corporation
4941 4th Street, Zephyrhills, FL 33542
Ph: 813-782-1500    Toll Free: 800-504-6040  
Cell:  813-486-3160   Fax: 813-782-1599  

Action Center
Boycott Staples
Let Staples know we will not sit by while they take our jobs!! Click on the link to get a downloadable flyer!
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USPS is once again presenting a VOE survey, modifying it to obtain results they desire. Negotiations start soon, so no surprise. Boycott. Do not take it.
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Quill is Staples; It is contract time

In today's world, it is difficult to know who is who, and what is what. It turns out that office supply company Quill is a subsidiary of Staples; talk about end arounds! Read more at  It is contract time. Read about the Union's strategies and goals at the National website, apwu.

Major storm information

All operations in LID is curtailed as of January 26 at  6:00 p.m. to January 27 at 6:00 pm. except for the following:   ·         Bethpage L&DC from January 26 at 5:00 p.m. to January 27 at 5:00 .p.m.

Larry Correia Scholarship time

It is time for our members seniors to seek scholarships, and now is the time to apply for the Long Island NY Area Local's Correia Scholarship.

First Meeting of 2015

The first General Membership meeting of 2015 is January 25, 2015 at 11:00 am. The location is the Hartos Memorial Hall in Farmingdale. A lot has happened since November, and more is to come. Make plans to attend, and talk to your fellow members. It is your union, the events affect you and your job.

Your value, your contract
What do you value in your life? What is easy to put a value on? Your house, your car, phone, or television?  They all have value, they all have worth. How about yourself? Do you value yourself, your family, your health? Of course you have value. So what are you willing to do to prove that value, your worth? This is a contract year for you, as a postal worker.
Danny Glover on the USPS
Watch this video by actor Danny Glover, a son of a postal worker, explaining why he believes the Postal Service is a vital part of America. Share this video with friends and relatives on Facebook or any other social media you use. Get the message out!
STAPLES wants YOUR Job!!!! ACT NOW!!
USPS Tells Customers:
Abandon Neighborhood Post Offices; Go to Staples
Dear Pete,
Postal management has launched a new offensive – one that clearly reveals the sinister goals of its no-bid deal with Staples.
The USPS is now using postal funds to mail ads for 20% discounts on USPS shipping services at Staples stores. The intent is clear: to incentivize customers to abandon their neighborhood post offices in favor of the private office-supply retailer.
Next, management will almost certainly conduct a study and discover that traffic is down in post offices. And they will say that justifies reducing service hours and work hours or closing the offices completely. 
This ad underscores why we must continue to fight the Postal Service’s dirty deal with Staples.Postal workers and customers are responding by returning the ad to sender. 
Here’s what you can do:
  • Post a picture of yourself with the ad or with a note card where you’ve written, #ReturnToSender on Facebook or Twitter.
  • Ask your family and friends to do the same. And ask them to take their business elsewhere until Staples gets out of the postal business.
  • If you receive a coupon in the mail, cross out the address and barcode, write “Return to Sender,” and drop it in the mail. 
Here are some sample tweets:
In solidarity,
Mark Dimondstein
President, American Postal Workers Union, AFL-CIO
Union Wins $56 Million Remedy for Postmasters Performing Craft Work
The APWU reached a $56 million settlement with the USPS on Dec. 5 to resolve a long-standing dispute over postmasters and supervisors in small offices performing bargaining unit work.  - See more by clicking here.  You can see the settlement agreement here.
Why Should I Register on the Website?

Why should I register for the website? I can see the articles and other information.

It is true that any visitor to this website can see the articles, the breaking news, announcements, and calls for action, but the website can offer much more.

Registering on the website gives you, the member, access to resources, such as access to the Collective Bargaining Agreement (the contract); information regarding supervisors performing craft work, lobby director, how to try to get a more desirable duty assignment; beyond those contractual issues, on the Members portion of the website (again, only accessible to members registered on the website), you can see requests from other members seeking transfers and/or mutual swaps, or YOU can post requests for the same; you have access to our members message board, where information can be shared and exchanged, questions can be asked about similar situations in other offices, and simply saying hello.

The website is as valuable as YOU, the member makes it. We can add sections, provide whatever information you, the member, asks us to. It is continually updated to provide an enjoyable, informational experience. Let us know what you would like. 

For suggestions or comments, email Mike Puterio, clerk craft director/webmaster at, or

Remember, this is YOUR website. Use it and continue to advance your interests, and your career.

Day of Action

November 14, 2014 Day of Action

The protest against the consolidation of mail plants, relaxing of mailing standards, the march towards privatization, called for by the National APWU, occurred on Friday, November 14, 2014, in front of the Mid Island Mail Processing Plant. The protest, led by the Long Island NY Area Local and organized by President Peter Furgiuele, withstood the chilly temperatures to educate the public of the attempts by PMG Donahoe to dismantle the Postal Service.

  Peters Furgiuele and Coradi (left) and Michelle Nadeau (right)                                   

Those attending the protest were enthusiastic and loud, hoisting placards and chanting. The union urges everyone to continue to let their friends, families, and legislators know, we need the Postal Service and the good jobs they provide, and we need their help and action.

In today's anti-labor world by Mike Puterio

In a typical example of corporate disdain and disregard for unions, their employees, and the compesation they deserve, Cablevision has gone to new lengths to get rid of a union, and pay their employees less than they deserve.

Brooklyn technical workers voted to unionize through the CWA three years ago. In that time, Cablevision has refused to negotiate a fair contract with the CWA, arguing that by paying those workers compensation comparable to technicians in other locales, it would be unfair to non-union workers. They have also allegedly threatened to withhold raises unless the group votes to decertify the CWA, without ever negotiating a fair contract. A typical representation of the attitude of big business in today's climate.

For the whole article, click here.

VIDEO: The Ed Show: 15000 jobs could disappear
APWU President Dimondstein appears on MSNBC's The Ed Show as it discusses the Postal Service's actions that could cost 15000 postal jobs. View it here: The Ed Show
Someone Else Died
Top Ten Reasons

Similar to Dave Letterman's top ten monologue, the American Postal Workers Union has put together their version. It is called the Top Ten Reasons Members Postal Workers do not attend protests of Staples. Unfortunately, unlike the satirical comedy of Letterman, this parody reflects our members lack of understanding how directly the Staples deal could affect their livelyhood. Look through this list, and see if any have been used by yourself or your co-workers. Then, think about answers to these reasons. Is there really a reason to not fight for your jobs?

See the list here.

Were you fooled? Staples and the Postal Service may have "terminated" the name of their privatization program, but they have not ended their nefarious plans. As Northease Regional Co-ordinator John Dirzius relates, "As you remember back on July 14 Staples announced that the company terminated its no-bid deal with the U.S.
Do not let the Postal Service fool you

Postmaster General and Staples seek to fool postal workers and the American people.

Beware of the wolf in sheeps clothing. The announcement released by the Postal Service that they are terminating their partnership is a ruse, an attempt to stop the tidal wave of opposition that has been building against this attack on postal workers and the middle class. These two corporate giants are renaming their attack, seeking a backdoor to take good paying postal jobs away. Keep on boycotting Staples and let them know, we will not be fooled.

For APWU President Dimondsteins press release, click here.

Video exposing PMG's lies

The PMG wants YOUR job

Postmaster General Donohoe is seeking to take your job, send it to Staples and other retailers, while looking you in the eye and lying. Watch this short video of APWU President Dimondstein expose the PMG's lies, share it with co-workers, family, and friends. Urge them to let these retailers, as well as the Postal Service, know that the US Mail is not for sale, and that the integral services provided by the Postal Service should remain with those entrusted with those duties and responsibilities. The sanctity of the mail, decent paying jobs, and the welfare of the American middle class must remain and be respected. View the video by clicking here.

New Hampshire AFL-CIO endorses APWU Staples boycott


Resolution: Support U.S. Postal Workers; Boycott Staples

May 21, 2014

Whereas, the U.S. Postal Service has entered into an agreement with Staples to operate postal counters in more than 82 “test sites” throughout the country,

Whereas, the U.S. Postal Service has plans to expand this operation to more than 1,500 Staples store across the United States;

Whereas, the U.S. Postal Service and Staples are refusing to staff the postal counters with unionized, uniformed U.S. Postal Service employees who have the training and experience to properly handle U.S. mail, and who have passed back ground checks and sworn an oath to uphold the highest standards of public service;

Whereas, these postal counters are instead staffed by low-wage, low benefit employees with little training and no credentials to handle U.S. mail;

Whereas, non-union "postal" jobs at Staples will inevitably replace living-wage, union jobs of U.S. Postal Service employees and will ultimately result in Post Office closures;

Whereas, current legislation in the U.S. Congress seeks to make it easier to close U.S. Post offices;

Whereas, consumers are increasingly concerned about identity theft at large retail chains and privatizing the handling of U.S. mail will jeopardize the sanctity and security of the mail;

Whereas, instead of offering lower quality service and selling off public assets, the U.S. Postal Service can and should use its unmatched nationwide network of people and facilities to better serve the public with expanded hours and new services, such as low-cost banking, which could aid millions of low-income consumers;

Whereas, New Hampshire AFL-CIO stands in support of maintaining public service, protecting good-paying jobs and maintaining universal, affordable mail services for the U.S. public;

Whereas, the NH AFL-CIO opposes privatization of crucial public services;

Whereas, the NH AFL-CIO stands with workers fighting a common battle against privatization, and

Whereas, many union members belonging to unions affiliated with the NH AFL-CIO purchase office supplies, school supplies and other products sold at Staples Stores;

Therefore be it resolved that:

• The NH AFL-CIO support the American Postal Workers Union (APWU) in its efforts to protect good-paying jobs and its insistence on the highest possible standards of customer service;

• Be it further resolved that the NH AFL-CIO opposes efforts by the U.S. Postal Service to privatize operations and to sell off valuable public assets;

• Be it further resolved that the NH AFL-CIO will urge friends, colleagues and family members, to no longer shop at Staples stores until further notice;

• Be it finally resolved that this call to boycott Staples will be communicated immediately to affiliates of the NH AFL-CIO, our community allies, to our sister unions and to the news media.

Four Major Postal Organization Agree

Historic agreement reached to work together to save the Postal Service!

To see the agreement, click here!

Agreement on Filling Residual Vacancies
The APWU has negotiated an agreement on filling residual vacancies; PTF conversions and PSE path to career is now about to be implemented!! APWU President Dimondstein has signed off on a historic memorandum that creates paths to PTFs converting to full time duty assignments, and PSEs converted to career status.
APWU vows fight against Staples deal

APWU Vows to Stop the Great Postal Giveaway to Staples

USPS Sends Jobs, Work to Staples

When Staples agreed to put USPS retail units in its stores, the office-supply chain may have gotten more than it bargained for.

 (01/01/14) In a deal that has been in the works at least since March 2012, the USPS announced in November that it was launching a pilot program to place postal retail units in more than 80 Staples stores in four states: California, Georgia, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania.

Some of the sites opened quietly in October and others opened in November, including some where ribbon-cutting ceremonies were held. If postal management and Staples consider the pilot successful, the program may be expanded to the chain’s 1,600 other locations. Agreements between the USPS and other big retailers may follow.

“This is a direct assault on our jobs and on public postal services,” APWU President Mark Dimondstein declared when he heard the news. “The APWU supports the expansion of postal services. But we are adamantly opposed to USPS plans to replace good-paying union jobs with non-union low-wage jobs held by workers who have no accountability for the safety and security of the mail,” he said. “Postal workers deserve better, and our customers deserve better.” [read more]

‘Postal units at Staples must be staffed by career postal employees.’

– President Mark Dimondstein

The APWU also has requested a meeting with Ron Sargent, the Chairman and CEO of Staples, to discuss our concerns, Dimondstein said. He also expects to have additional discussions with postal management.

“While these efforts proceed, we will begin preparations for protests at Staple stores across the country,” he said. The APWU Executive Board discussed the issue via telephone on Nov. 22 and endorsed the plan to fight back.

“Postal management will undoubtedly try to convince our members that this arrangement is beneficial because it creates revenue for the USPS,” Dimondstein said. “But revenue without good union jobs is not in the interest of our members. Postal services that are performed by anyone other than well-trained postal workers will not serve the American people well,” he said.

“This is a huge step toward privatizing retail services,” Dimondstein said. “If we don’t draw a line in the sand, mail processing and other operations will soon follow.”

The Staples units will offer most postal products and services: They will sell stamps; accept first-class letters, Priority, Priority Express, standard mail, and first-class packages, and accept certified mail. The units will be operational during Staples’ business hours — as late as 9 p.m. on weekdays, on Sundays and many holidays. And, in a unique arrangement, the office supply giant will offer 5% Staples Rewards for the postage on packages paid for and shipped at its locations.

“We can only stop these privatization plans if we work and fight together,” Dimondstein said. “We will keep APWU members informed of any progress at the national level. In the meantime, prepare for action!”

President Dimondstein recognized the prompt action by our President, Pete Furgiuele, upon hearing of the Staples agreement. Read the letter President Furgiuele sent here. See President Furgiuele's action request by clicking the link below.

Download: boycott staples.pdf

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Rage Against the Machines Tom Morello is an active union supporter. Listen to his song "Union Town" here. 
Action Center
Boycott Staples
Let Staples know we will not sit by while they take our jobs!! Click on the link to get a downloadable flyer!
Resources to improve your job
Go to the Member Resources area to get new information on information that can improve your job, bid, status!

USPS is once again presenting a VOE survey, modifying it to obtain results they desire. Negotiations start soon, so no surprise. Boycott. Do not take it.
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