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August 20, 2018
Clerk seeking mutual swap
Jada Madison
FTR Clerk - Bay Station, Brooklyn
Clerk Craft Seniority - November, 2014
Seeking Mutual Swap to Suffolk County (Middle Island Area if possible)

For this clerk's phone number, please email Mike Puterio or Pete Furgiuele


Clerk Division, Linyal

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We have a voice
Updated On: Dec 01, 2013

We do have a voice; it may just take a while to be heard.

By: Steve Mohring

I was reading this newspaper article the other day and it reminded me that strength is in numbers and we do have a voice and we need to make it heard. Of course, I’m talking about our union, all of us that fall under the APWU umbrella. Even with all the decline in manpower we are still at about 160,000

members, a good size number. I believe if we are loud enough we can get some things done. Back to the article, it was about a bill that would prevent advertisers from abruptly raising the volume of the television during commercials.

       The bills House sponsor, Rep. Anna Eshoo (D-Calif) went on to say that she had her own experience with the subject matter and also her office had received many messages in support of the bill. Rep. Eshoo also stated that at home people would come up to her in stores and restaurants voicing their concerns. 

       The House gave final congressional approval to this bill the day before (on or about Dec 2, 2010). The bill was now heading to President Obama’s desk for his signature. After the bill is signed by the President The FCC will have one year to adopt standards and then one year to implement them. A total time frame of two years after the signing of the bill. See how fast things work. See, people voiced their opinions and concerns to the right people and action was taken. If we ALL voice our concerns they just might get acted upon.

        Oh yea, in this article I was reading it did mention that the FCC has been receiving complaints from consumers since the 1960’s.

       Things will get done it may just take a while.

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