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August 20, 2018
Clerk seeking mutual swap
Jada Madison
FTR Clerk - Bay Station, Brooklyn
Clerk Craft Seniority - November, 2014
Seeking Mutual Swap to Suffolk County (Middle Island Area if possible)

For this clerk's phone number, please email Mike Puterio or Pete Furgiuele


Clerk Division, Linyal

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Congress Must Act to Stop Drastic Cuts in Service
Updated On: Nov 19, 2013

      American Postal Workers Union, AFL-CIO Congress Must Act to Stop Drastic Cuts in Service The Postal Service?s current policy to dig the agency out of a hole by closing post offices and mail processing facilities is not a solution to its financial crisis! The Postal Service is an essential part of the American economy and its vast network is an integral part of our national communication infrastructure. At such a dire time for our economy, Americans cannot afford to lose dependable mail service, nor can we afford the loss of thousands of middle-class jobs that are the cornerstone of communities throughout the country. In response to its financial crisis and absent postal reform, USPS is closing 100+ mailprocessing facilities nationwide. Formany, this will mean their local mail must be driven far away from their community, processed in another city, and then driven back to its origin before delivery. Simultaneously, USPS is eliminating overnight mail service standards. Now, each step of the mail process can take multiple days. Moving mail to and from an out-of-town processing facility can now take 1-2 days each way. Together, reduced standards and closures mean drastic cuts in service to the American people. For many, what was once overnight mail could soon take 2-4 days!
                                     Point of Entry Mail Processing.
     It is undeniable that such destructive cuts to postal facilities under the guise of cost-savings have dramatically slowed mail service in many cities and rural towns. The institution faces a crisis unlike any other time in history and legislation that addresses the real causes of the USPS financial crisis is needed now! Reforms Needed to Save the Service: . Stop cuts to service, closures and consolidation of processing facilities. USPS must not be forced to destroy its vast network, which is needed to ensure timely mail processing. . Repeal the mandate to pre-fund future retiree health benefits. The 2006 PAEA requires an unsustainable annual $5.6 billion payment to pre-fund 75 years of benefits for future retirees ? a burden no other government agency or private entity is forced to bear. . Return CSRS and FERS over-payments. USPS has overfunded its federal pension obligations. Unless this money is refunded, USPS will have insufficient funds to make necessary capital investments.
                                        Preserve the collective-bargaining process.
     Collective-bargaining has been in effect since the creation of USPS and ensures good, middle-class jobs that support thousands of American workers and their families. . Allow USPS to expand into new service lines. By expanding into needed services such as lockboxes, digital products or internet services USPS can attract new customers and meet community needs, especially in rural areas. . Allow postal rates to be set by market principles. Allow USPS to set rates necessary to cover its costs and continue to provide universal service. Bill Name APWU?s Position Postal Service Protection Act (H.R. 630/S. 316) United States Postal Service Stabilization Act (H.R. 961) Protect Overnight Delivery Act (H.R. 2459) Postal Reform Act of 2013 (H.R. 2748) Postal Reform Act of 2013 (S. 1486) S.316/H.R. 630, H.R.2459, and H.R. 961 are all bills that would help get USPS back on track. S. 1486 and H.R. 2748 would further degrade service standards, eliminate good middle-class jobs, and fail to achieve positive reform so desperately needed for the Postal Service.
Long Island NY Area Local
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