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May 25, 2018
Clerk seeking mutual swap
Jada Madison
FTR Clerk - Bay Station, Brooklyn
Clerk Craft Seniority - November, 2014
Seeking Mutual Swap to Suffolk County (Middle Island Area if possible)

For this clerk's phone number, please email Mike Puterio or Pete Furgiuele


Clerk Division, Linyal

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Message from Steve Mohring
Updated On: Dec 17, 2015

Thank you and good night

Just to bring you all up to date, I will be leaving the LINY Area Local and thereby my position as Maintenance Craft Director of this Local.

I’m glad I’m leaving on a good note, my fellow custodians should see in this paycheck an adjustment. This is due to a payment for an agreement that was made by National in accepting a new version of the MS-47 Handbook. To keep this as short as possible it is simply based on management not covering all required custodial hours that are listed in the custodial staffing package (Line H).

There is a lot involved in this MOU, but the bottom line is that management must cover all the hours listed in the package. What we must do is be vigilant and if you see something, you must say something. What I mean by this is, if all of a sudden there are four custodians in your building that means they are trying to ‘catch up’ to those necessary hours.

The Postal Service (management) must provide us with a clean, safe and healthy work environment. If they need to send 3, 4 or more people into an office just before the fiscal year ends that tells me that the Service has not staffed that office appropriately for the entire year. They don’t care about us until it might cost them some money.

Funny thing here is they are paying overtime, penalty time, every time and then they are going to have to pay us more when we show that the hours they spent were not on the necessary duties.

Ok, back to my reason to chew your ear off. I will be moving to the mid-Island P&DC and will therefore no longer be a member of the LINY Area Local. I am still APWU, and I am still Maintenance. You all have my phone number and I encourage you to call me if you have questions. You must keep your Local officers informed. We must all stay informed and not let management (or any manager) get away with violating the Contract.

Yours in Solidarity

Steven Mohring

APWU, Maintenance Craft Employee 

Good luck and best wishes, Brother Mohring!

Long Island NY Area Local
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