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June 21, 2024
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Communication is Key

It has come to our attention that a large number of emails are being returned, inhibiting our ability to communicate with you, the members.  If you have not received an email message in the past two weeks, please do the following:

If you have used your USPS email, the system will reject the Union's email. Please use your private email. Rest assured we do not share your email with anyone, especially marketers.

If you have used a private email, make sure that our emails are not being placed in your spam folder. Mark the emails as not spam, or place in the white list.

Check the email in your profile, and make sure it is entered correctly.

Timely communication is integral to our mission, to keep you, the member informed. Please help us help you.

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Stop the White House Plan to Privatize the Post Office
Updated On: Oct 07, 2019

During some office visits, and in speaking with some members, the question has come up of 'what does privatization of the Postal Service mean? How does it affect me?'  If one member has that question, probably numerous members have the same question. How do we educate our members and the public we serve?

The following is provided by the National Union to help explain briefly what privatization means.

It is up to each of us to fully understand what privatization means, and how we can educate the public, our friends and families, and our elected officials. Take the time to read, grasp, and be able to educate.  YOUR job depends on it.

American Postal Workers Union, AFL-CIO

Mark Dimondstein, President

Judy Beard, Legislative & Political Director


STOP the White House Plan to Privatize USPS



For years, conservative think tanks like the Heritage Foundation have advocated for the privatization of the Postal Service. Now, we are seeing their efforts pay off. Recently, the White House’s Office of Management and Budget issued a report directly calling for the privatization of the Postal Service. The proposal, Delivering Government Solutions in the 21st Century, would “restructure the

U.S. Postal Service” and “prepare it for future conversion from a Government agency into a privately-held corporation.”

                                                                  What Does Privatization Mean?

  • Privatization means the end of our publicly owned and operated United States Postal Service, to be replaced in part by private corporate interests.
  • Privatization means the elimination of our jobs and our livelihoods. Further, it jeopardizes the future of our hard- earned retirement and healthcare benefits.
  • Privatization means the end of Universal Service.


What Is Universal Service?

Universal Service is the key difference between our public United States Postal Service and any private company intended to replace it.

Universal Service is the Postal Service’s mandate to, “bind the nation together through the personal, educational, literary and business correspondence of the people.” Fulfilling its mission enshrined in the U.S. Constitution, the Postal Service provides affordable, reliable, and timely mail service to all Americans regardless of their health or wealth, who they are or where they live.

Universal Service is not a mission a private corporation will adhere to. Driven by its profit motive, a private company will not deliver a letter from Miami to Anchorage for 50 cents.


The Stakes

Privatizing the Postal Service and eliminating its Universal Service mandate will have a very real and very negative impact on those who depend on affordable, reliable mail delivery. It means cuts to service for millions of Americans, particularly those in rural areas and inner cities. As the White House Report highlights, privatization can mean hiked postage rates and the end of timely service and door delivery.

This White House plan is a wake-up call to every postal worker and APWU member. The threats of postal privatization, the threats to decent union jobs, the threats to good services, are real.

The American Postal Workers Union stands with the people of this country and our many allies in the ongoing fight to ensure a vibrant public Postal Service for generations to come.


Contact the APWU Legislative and Political Department at (202) 842-4211 for more information A complete list of APWU Legislative Priorities is available at

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