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July 18, 2024
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Maintenance Director Mohring's Report
Nov 06, 2015
Local Management Presents FY2015 LDC38 Reports Showing 90% of Line H Met!
Really? --- Are they joking?! --- Have they no shame??!!
We are aware management has been padding the custodial hours recorded in LDC 38 in a blatant
attempt to get out of their liability and obligations for staffing and scheduling in accordance with
the July 9, 2014 MOU resolving MS-47 T/L-5. In particular Item #6 requires:
In facilities that are maintained by USPS custodians, upon the conclusion of each Postal
Fiscal Year (FY), during October of the new FY, the total custodial work hours for the
just completed fiscal year shown on the end of year report(s) for Labor Distribution Code
(LDC) 38 (custodial work) will be compared with 90% of the custodial work hours shown
on Line H of PS Form 4852. The results will be provided to and discussed with the Local
APWU President or designee.
This is far more than simple notification. Instead of the Agency meeting its obligation of
providing the above information local by local, the Agency is providing a district wide report.
As clarified in the questions and answers sent by Postal management, agreed to by the
Maintenance Division, and sent on to Postal management:
26. Regarding item 6 of the July 9, 2014 MOU, when determining the LDC 38 work
hours to be compared to Line H on the authorized PS 4852, is there are (an) agreed
upon report to use?
A. The LDC 38 work hours can be shown by whichever report, or combination of
reports, will be (sic) provide the best evidence. The end of FY LDC 38 work hours
used must reflect the actual custodial work performed that is included in the Line H
total. In other words, only custodial work identified in the staffing package and
reflected on the Line H annual time will be used as the comparison. Work hours
that do not reflect custodial work, improperly coded work or custodial work not
included in Line H will be subtracted or ignored for the purposes of the LDC 38
end of FY comparison. (EA)
A quick glance through management’s proffered reports shows the depths of bad faith
bargaining to which they will sink. The employer’s supposed report reveals items that any lay
person would say are simply and blatantly FRAUDULENT! One example lists a Post Office
which has no maintenance custodians. Nevertheless, the Service assigned hundreds of LDC 38
hours to this office. Why -- we don’t know – APWU members in the office stated they have
never performed any custodial work!
Sep 10, 2015

Thank you and good night

Just to bring you all up to date, I will be leaving the LINY Area Local and thereby my position as Maintenance Craft Director of this Local.

I’m glad I’m leaving on a good note, my fellow custodians should see in this paycheck an adjustment. This is due to a payment for an agreement that was made by National in accepting a new version of the MS-47 Handbook. To keep this as short as possible it is simply based on management not covering all required custodial hours that are listed in the custodial staffing package (Line H).

There is a lot involved in this MOU, but the bottom line is that management must cover all the hours listed in the package. What we must do is be vigilant and if you see something, you must say something. What I mean by this is, if all of a sudden there are four custodians in your building that means they are trying to ‘catch up’ to those necessary hours.

The Postal Service (management) must provide us with a clean, safe and healthy work environment. If they need to send 3, 4 or more people into an office just before the fiscal year ends that tells me that the Service has not staffed that office appropriately for the entire year. They don’t care about us until it might cost them some money.

Funny thing here is they are paying overtime, penalty time, every time and then they are going to have to pay us more when we show that the hours they spent were not on the necessary duties.

Ok, back to my reason to chew your ear off. I will be moving to the mid-Island P&DC and will therefore no longer be a member of the LINY Area Local. I am still APWU, and I am still Maintenance. You all have my phone number and I encourage you to call me if you have questions. You must keep your Local officers informed. We must all stay informed and not let management (or any manager) get away with violating the Contract.

Yours in Solidarity

Steven Mohring

APWU, Maintenance Craft Employee 

Good luck and best wishes, Brother Mohring!

Aug 11, 2015

Please keep me informed, please be the Local Unions Eyes and Ears.

If anyone observes any new faces in your facility performing custodial duties please let me know.

 It is important that we know how many days, how many hours, what work is being performed, etc. Once again management thinks they can do whatever they want, with no regard for our Collective Bargaining Agreement, the Contract.

I say, let them do whatever they want to do. BUT, let’s make them pay for their decisions.

I have offered my opinion many, many times, and I know I’m wrong a lot, BUT, not always. Again I say, let them pay.

Keep your eyes open and if you have any questions talk to your Union Representatives. As most of you know management is not always right.

Steven Mohring

Maintenance Craft Director

APWU, LINY Area Local


Jul 12, 2015


Remember when I said LID Maintenance Management was going to set up assignments that would offer custodians overtime opportunities. Well, once again, I guess I misunderstood what was being said. Seems I’ve been misunderstanding a lot more than usual lately. Maintenance management has posted an opportunity to bid for a ‘detail’ position, however, management has once again done this improperly and in violation of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). In addition, management only posted this in the Mid-Island P&DC and its stations and branches. Thereby not allowing the members of the Long Island Area Local this opportunity. However, as I stated above, the posting is improper and in violation. This was in no way what I discussed with Maintenance Management. It does not surprise me that managements actions to resolve an issue is improper and in violation. I think their ten out of ten.

Please continue to send or assure that I do have your contact information if you are interested in working in other offices throughout Long Island, just in case. As they say, you have to be in it to win it.


Once again the need to know what your custodial staffing package says is very important. To be as short as possible here, I will be very brief and general in nature. If you wish to know more about your custodial staffing package let me know and if there are enough people to make it worthwhile maybe we can have a training session on this topic. The package includes three forms, PS Form 4869 Building Inventory (an inventory of what’s in the building, how many windows, what type of floor, how many venetian blinds, pipes and ducts, etc). Next is the PS Form 4839 Custodial Scheduling Worksheet (this form lists the frequency of performance, how often is the lunch room cleaned or policed, there is a difference between cleaning and policing, they are 2 different tasks. How often is the toilet rooms cleaned or policed, the workroom, etc). The information from these two forms is then transferred to the PS Form 4852 Workload Analysis and Summary. This form should list ALL duties performed by the maintenance staff. This form shows how much time is needed to maintain the facility in the required clean, safe and healthy condition. Line H on this form shows the yearly hours necessary to maintain the facility. You may have heard talk about the Line H hours lately; this is due to an MOU that has come out with the latest MS-47 TL-5. Again to be brief, the MOU states in part that the Postal Service must meet 90% of the Line H hours or be liable to pay for the hours not worked. Last year the LID was liable for about $70000.00 to some of our members (the money still has not been paid and with all the people involved it does not add to a lot to each individual). This does show the importance of the staffing package, it must be accurate and it must show everything we do, including delivering Express mail, if we do it on a regular basis (even one day a week). So know your package, know what you’re doing, cleaning or policing, know the MS-47. Every office should have one. The free ride is over we all need to do some work, oh that’s right some of us pay Union dues. That is still not enough to pay for all the time and effort in trying to assure management is not fudging the numbers, they wouldn’t do that right? Yes, then you have those people among us who feel its ok to you and I pay for them. They take the salary, all the benefits and are usually the first ones to cry when their ‘rights’ are violated. I believe that one day these people that do not pay their own way will pay the price. I just hope I get to see some of it.

Steven Mohring

Maintenance Craft Director

LINY Area Local      631-680-4538

Jul 04, 2015
Nov 23, 2014
by Steve Mohring
Well the Holidays are upon us, so everyone is all cheery and happy, not.........
Well from my own perspective, there is so much work, so much frustration, etc, etc, etc.
Yea I'm really happy...... Everyday is a new day in the Postal Service, everyday there is a new challenge.
Things are happening in the Maintenance Craft, Nationally and right here in our own back yard. There is a new MS-47 the TL-5 version and although not totally rolled out yet some aspects effect us. I'm particular the total hours scheduled and those that have been worked. Bottom line is this means that it is VERY important that the work I perform is listed in the correct LDC. Example LDC 38 is custodial work, while LDC 37 is building maintenance. For all hours that management falls short of the planned hours as listed on PS Form 4852 (Line H) they must pay. There is more to this story, but this is the short of it all. Therefore it is of the utmost importance that everyone make sure you swipe your time card to the proper LDC (function). We must make sure that when we are delivering express mail or doing VOMA work we are not in LDC 38. If you or anyone else is knowingly performing work in the improper LDC I would say that is falsifying records and should be investigated. Honesty is the best policy.
Next, in the short also, we are getting jobs posted, but, there's always a but, procedures are still being learned and sometimes need adjustments. Luckily we have the Collective Bargaining Agreement and the JCIM that helps us follow the right path. We just have to have management also follow the right path.
Gotta run, keep in touch and have a good Thanksgiving. Giving thanks for all that we have, no matter how little it may seem. Remember, sometimes you have to fight to get what you deserve or keep what you have....

Nov 03, 2014
Hello all and welcome to the Fall. Sorry I haven’t written as much as I would like to in an attempt to keep everyone as much up to date as possible. FYI, the Maintenance Craft Director for our Local only gets 8 hours per pay period, that’s 4 hours a week to perform all of his or her duties. I know you would agree that’s not a lot of time to do much of anything.
Jun 02, 2014

Wow it’s been a long time since I updated this page.

I guess I’ve been a little busy, anyway, let’s see what’s new.

First I would like to welcome Chris Howe who is our new Northeast Area Maintenance Business Agent to

the Long Island District area. I am hopeful that Chris will be able to help us move forward in regards to

 the maintenance craft issues we have here on the Island. Welcome to the neighborhood Chris.

Right now the big issue is the conversion of PSE’s to career.  Wow, I really never thought I would hear

myself say that. The way things have been going the past few years, I never thought the USPS would be

converting non-career employees to career, ever in my life. This is a good thing. Now, even more than

ever, we need to stay awake, do our jobs, and keep an eye on management. We must communicate

with each other. We must continue to assure that management maintains our workplaces in the

required clean, safe and healthy manner and staffs all facilities properly. Management must cover

custodial absences. Management cannot reduce the frequencies of cleaning simply because of annual

leave, sick leave or to ‘save hours’. Section 116 of the MS-47 Handbook states, once a staffing level is

 determined it must be maintained. We must hold them to that. The MS-47 also states that the staffing

 package should be reviewed annually. So if the building is not clean enough, adjustments must be

made. The reason I talk about this is because every job counts, now more than ever. We must assure

 that management covers all duty assignments and maybe create new duty assignments if necessary.

Ok, so back to PSE conversions. Maintenance Craft PSE’s will be afforded the opportunity to select a

vacant custodial position according to their district seniority. Chris Howe will be working with

management to create a District-wide preference sheet and all PSE’s should be contacted shortly.

Right now, from the lists that I have seen we have some 30 PSE’s in our District and we have about 14 

jobs. So to be honest not every PSE will become career, however some may decline the offer. So who

 knows. This is why it’s important that we communicate with each other and make sure management is

 always doing the right thing. Or remind them that we are watching.

I’m going to try to keep up with letting you all know what’s happening, but you can always call me.

Happy Spring and Summer

Steven Mohring

Maintenance Craft Director

APWU, LINY Area Local

1210 West Main Street

Riverhead NY 11901


Nov 29, 2013

Steve Mohring is our maintenance director, working out of the Riverhead facility. Steve is also a shop steward in Riverhead, bringing a wealth of knowledge on a wide range of issues. The maintenance craft, being small in numbers, has sometimes appeared to be the forgotten craft, but with Steve's diligence, dedication, and intelligence, the craft has made great strides over the last six years, winning jobs and back pay for many of our maintenance members. For all maintenance members, I encourage you to contact Steve with any questions, and refer to his insightful articles that will be shared via our website.

Dec 07, 2013

It is with deepest regret that we announce the passing of Maintenance National Business Agent Rick Logan. It is unfortunate to lose anyone at this time of the year, and we wish everyone would keep Rick and his family in their thoughts.

Long Island NY Area Local, APWU Executive Board

Richard Henry Logan, 59, of Middletown, died Thursday, December 5, 2013 surrounded by his loving family at Rhode Island Hospital, Providence, RI. Born in Newport, RI on Jan. 8, 1954, he was the son of the late Henry C. Logan and Marcia (Troy) Logan.

Richard was very passionate in his work for the American Postal Workers Union. Through his long and highly-respected career within the Union, he held many prestigious Union offices within the Providence Area Local Post Office, ultimately being elected as President. After several years of fighting tirelessly for his union brothers’ and sisters’ rights, he was elected as the New England Regional Business Agent in the APWU, where he served dedicatedly since 2007. 

In his youth, he was an avid swimmer and earned many honors for his accomplishments. Richard’s proudest accomplishment was his role as a loving and devoted son, husband, father, and grandfather. Family, whether blood related or not, was his top priority, and he cherished the times be shared with every member of his immediate and extended family. 

He is survived by his adoring wife Christina A. Logan of Middletown, RI; his loving mother Marcia Logan of Middletown, RI; his devoted daughters, Deirdre Logan and her husband Ethan Rider of Webster, MA; Jennifer Logan-Allen and her husband Erik Allen, of Minneapolis, MN; Christina M. Logan and Brian Santos, of Grafton, MA; and his caring sons Richard W. Logan and his wife Jill Logan of Key West, FL; Keir Logan of Middletown, RI; and Greg Bell. He is also survived by his sisters, Robin Dings of Middletown, Rhoda Ackermann of Middletown, and Kathleen Woodruff of Berkley, MA, his granddaughter Layla Allen of Minneapolis, MN; and his grand dogs and grand cats Herman, Watson, Maggie, Tres, Hiss, Garruk, Boo, Tango, and Rasta.

Calling hours will be held on Tuesday December 10, 2013 from 4:00-7:00pm in the Memorial Funeral Home 375 Broadway Newport, RI. A service of Remembrance will be held immediately following calling hours at 7:00 pm. Burial will be private. 

Dec 01, 2013

We do have a voice; it may just take a while to be heard.

By: Steve Mohring

I was reading this newspaper article the other day and it reminded me that strength is in numbers and we do have a voice and we need to make it heard. Of course, I’m talking about our union, all of us that fall under the APWU umbrella. Even with all the decline in manpower we are still at about 160,000

members, a good size number. I believe if we are loud enough we can get some things done. Back to the article, it was about a bill that would prevent advertisers from abruptly raising the volume of the television during commercials.

       The bills House sponsor, Rep. Anna Eshoo (D-Calif) went on to say that she had her own experience with the subject matter and also her office had received many messages in support of the bill. Rep. Eshoo also stated that at home people would come up to her in stores and restaurants voicing their concerns. 

       The House gave final congressional approval to this bill the day before (on or about Dec 2, 2010). The bill was now heading to President Obama’s desk for his signature. After the bill is signed by the President The FCC will have one year to adopt standards and then one year to implement them. A total time frame of two years after the signing of the bill. See how fast things work. See, people voiced their opinions and concerns to the right people and action was taken. If we ALL voice our concerns they just might get acted upon.

        Oh yea, in this article I was reading it did mention that the FCC has been receiving complaints from consumers since the 1960’s.

       Things will get done it may just take a while.

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